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Hyundai Department Store Duty Free collaborates with the SFT team, Professor Christina Wong, Dr. Magnum Lam, and Dr. Chloe Ki

20 September 2023

Hyundai Department Store Duty Free (HDDFS), a luxury brand-focused duty free retailer of the renowned Hyundai Department Store Group in South Korea, partners with Dr. Ki to explore travel retail dynamics.

With generous support of HDDFS, a research project titled “Investigating the duty-free shopping market: Analyzing current policies, competitive landscape, consumer insights, and market entry strategies in multinational area” assembles the expertise of SFT scholars, including Dr. Chloe Ki, Dr. Magnum Lam, and Prof. Christina Wong to delve into the complexities of the duty-free shopping market.

Duty-free shopping is a unique retail experience intricately woven with involvement of retailers, travellers (consumers), and governments across diverse nations. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of this industry, the research project aims to provide a strategic analysis of the country-specific policies, competitive landscape, and consumer trends in various international regions, all of which will facilitate HDDFS’ effective penetration and sustainable growth in the global duty-free market. By providing well-rounded insights into market dynamics, consumer behaviors, and competitive landscapes, the project is poised to play a pivotal role in guiding HDDFS to establish their global market presence within the travel retail sector.

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