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Join the 2024 Global Fashion Management Conference in Milan to connect with leading scholars and experts in fashion marketing and management

27 November 2023

Exciting news! The countdown has begun for the 2024 Global Fashion Management Conference in Milan, scheduled from July 11-14, 2024. Special thanks to Prof. Eunju Ko and Prof. Kyunghoon Kim for making it happen. Check out all the details at

This conference holds personal significance for me as it is chaired by two professors I deeply admire and respect, Prof. Ko and Prof. Hye-Young Kim. It is also a true honor for me to serve as a guest editor for the special issue on 'Digital Fashion Marketing in the Age of Transformation' in the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, collaborating with Dr. Heejin Lim. Furthermore, I am delighted to co-chair the track 'Digital Fashion Retail and Marketing in the Generative AI Era' alongside Dr. Magnum Lam. Anticipating your valuable submissions!"

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