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Hi, All. I'm Chloe who is currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Fashion Retail and Marketing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I hope you know more about me through this website. :)

“All things work together for good” 

Romans 8:28

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Recent News

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Dr. Ki's research published in P&M has been recognized as
Top Cited Article during 2019-2020 

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Dr. Ki's research published in P&M recognized as Top Downloaded Article for two consecutive years


Dr. Ki's research was featured as both the Most Downloaded and Most Cited Articles published in JRCS 


Latest Publication

Ki, C.*, Cho, E., & Lee, J. (2020). "Can an intelligent personal assistant (IPA) be your friend? Para-friendship development mechanism between IPAs and their users." Computers in Human Behavior.




  • The mechanism by which users develop virtual friendships with AI-enabled voice assistants is investigated.

  • The two critical dimensions of para-friendship are self-disclosure and social support.

  • IPAs that provide a sense of intimacy, understanding, enjoyability, and involvement affect para-friendships.

  • Para-friendships strengthen users' intention to continue using IPAs.

  • The para-friendship mechanism differs according to the users' social isolation tendency.