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All things work together for good 

Romans 8:28

Welcome to my corner of the web!


I'm Chloe Ki, an Associate Professor specializing in Fashion Retail and Marketing at The School of Fashion and Textiles at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 


Feel free to navigate through this site to get to know me better. :)


Explore the ai-FaMe Lab where
innovation and style come together at

Recent News

Top Cited Article 2019-2020.png

Dr. Ki's research published in P&M
has been recognized as 
Top Cited Article during 2019-2020 

PM_Top Downloaded Article_20192020 2.jpg

Dr. Ki's research published in P&M
recognized as Top Downloaded Article
for two consecutive years


Dr. Ki's research was featured
as both the Most Downloaded and
Most Cited Articles published in JRCS 


Latest Publication

"Can an AI chatbot be your friend?"



  • The mechanism by which users develop virtual friendships with AI-enabled voice assistants is investigated.

  • The two critical dimensions of para-friendship are self-disclosure and social support.

  • IPAs that provide a sense of intimacy, understanding, enjoyability, and involvement affect para-friendships.

  • Para-friendships strengthen users' intention to continue using IPAs.

  • The para-friendship mechanism differs according to the users' social isolation tendency.

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