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Funds and/or Projects

Research projects


Ki, C. (PI & Chief Supervisor) & Wong, C.W.Y. (Co-Supervisor) UPSF-Incentive Scheme Fund


Ki, C. (PI), Lam, M., & Lee, Y. (Co-Is) Postdoc Matching Fund. † PolyU#P0048945


Ki, C. (PI), Lam, M., & Wong, C.W.Y. (Co-Is) “Investigating the duty-free shopping market: Analyzing current policies, competitive landscape, consumer insights, and market entry strategies in multinational area". Hyundai Department Store Duty Free (2023). † PolyU#P0046835


Ki, C. (Rep. Co-PI) & Lam, M. (Co-PI) “Digital future of luxury fashion retail and marketing in China: The metaverse, virtual humans, and virtual assets". Della (2023). † PolyU#P0045875


Ki, C. (PI), Wong, C., & Zhou, A. (Co-Is) “More than just fleeting fame: Going beyond the hype to determine the impact of the Fashion Metaverse (FaMe) for the greater good". SFT Strategic Research Project (2022), Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#P0044162


Bae, M. (Student) & Ki, C. (PI and Chief supervisor) “Investigating user behavior in response to generative AI in the context of the fashion and education landscape". Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme (URIS) (2023/24). Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#P0047992


Ki, C. (PI) & Lee, H. (Co-I) “Digital humans in the metaverse era: Investigating whether and how AI-powered digital humans influence fashion consumer behavior". Departmental General Research Fund (2021/22), Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#P0042649


Ki, C. (PI), Wang, B., & Ha-Brookshire, J. “From a linear toward a circular economy: Are fashion businesses ready to make this change?”. Departmental General Research Fund (2020/21), Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
† PolyU#P0036558


Ki, C. (PI) & Ni, Y. “The mechanism by which Chinese consumers are motivated to use gaming e-commerce: A self-determination theory approach”. Korean Consumption Culture Association's Research Supporting Program of Nexon Korea for Game Studies (2021). † PolyU#P0038159

2018- 2021

Ki, C. (PI). “Consumer psychology and behavior in contexts that involve digital technologies.” Hong Kong University Grants Committee’s Start-up Fund for New Recruits (2018). † PolyU#P0000245

Teaching and education funds/projects


Ki, C. (PI), Chong, S. (Team member), & Lee, Y. (Dept. of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design at the Seoul National University as the external partner). “From University to Metaversity: A More Engaging, Liberating, and Fun Meta-Classroom for Fashion Retail and Marketing Education.” Teaching Development Grant (2022-25), Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#TDG22-25/VTL-25 with research elements


Lam, M. (PI), Wong, C.W.Y., Ki, C., & Wong, Z. (Team Members). “Development of business case studies for streetwear branding and management." School Learning and Teaching Development Grants (2023-24), Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 


Ki, C. (PI). “Fashion Metaverse Lab: The metaverse for fashion business and design education” for Strategic Plan Initiatives to enhance Student Learning Experience through the Use of Interactive Pedagogies (2021-22 2nd round) Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#SPF21-22/A3/ITC03 with research elements


Ki, C. (Awardee). “ITC outstanding teaching award 2021”, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

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