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Funds and/or Projects

Research projects

2024- 2027

Ki, C. (PI), Lam, M & Wong, C. (Co-Is) “Investigating the duty-free shopping market: Analyzing current policies, competitive landscape, consumer insights, and market entry strategies in multinational area". Hyundai Department Store Duty Free (2023). † PolyU#P0046835

2023- 2026

Ki, C. (Rep. Co-PI), & Lam, M (Co-PI) “Digital future of luxury fashion retail and marketing in China: The metaverse, virtual humans, and virtual assets". Della (2023). † PolyU#P0045875

2023- 2025

Ki, C. (PI), Wong, C., Zhou, A., & Jang, J. (Co-Is) “More than just fleeting fame: Going beyond the hype to determine the impact of the Fashion Metaverse (FaMe) for the greater good". SFT Strategic Research Project (2022), Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#P0044162

2023- 2024

Bae, M. (Student) & Ki, C. (PI and Chief supervisor) “Analyzing the effectiveness of communication by applying ChatGPT over online human agents for fashion brands in terms of persuading consumers’ decision and purchase process". Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme (URIS) (2023/24). Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#P0047992

2022- 2024

Ki, C. (PI), Lee, H., Cho, E., & Jang, J. (Co-Is) “Digital humans in the metaverse era: Investigating whether and how AI-powered digital humans influence fashion consumer behavior". Departmental General Research Fund (2021/22), Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#P0042649

2021- 2023

Ki, C. (PI), Wang, B., & Ha-Brookshire, J. “From a linear toward a circular economy: Are fashion businesses ready to make this change?”. Departmental General Research Fund (2020/21), Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
† PolyU#P0036558


Ki, C. (PI), & Ni, Y. “The mechanism by which Chinese consumers are motivated to use gaming e-commerce: A self-determination theory approach”. Korean Consumption Culture Association's Research Supporting Program of Nexon Korea for Game Studies (2021). † PolyU#P0038159

2018- 2021

Ki, C. (PI). “Consumer psychology and behavior in contexts that involve digital technologies.” Hong Kong University Grants Committee’s Start-up Fund for New Recruits (2018). † PolyU#P0000245

Teaching and education funds/projects

2023- 2024

Ki, C. (PI), & Lee, Y. (Dept. of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design at the Seoul National University as the external partner). “From University to Metaversity: A More Engaging, Liberating, and Fun Meta-Classroom for Fashion Retail and Marketing Education.” Teaching Development Grant (2022-25), Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#TDG22-25/VTL-25 with research elements

2022- 2023

Ki, C. (PI). “Fashion Metaverse Lab: The metaverse for fashion business and design education” for Strategic Plan Initiatives to enhance Student Learning Experience through the Use of Interactive Pedagogies (2021-22 2nd round) Hong Kong Polytechnic University. † PolyU#SPF21-22/A3/ITC03 with research elements


Ki, C. (Awardee). “ITC outstanding teaching award 2021”, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

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