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Dr. Ki's Research Interests

At the core, Dr. Ki’s research interests lie in consumer psychology and behavior 
and linking it to diverse consumption contexts 
aimed at identifying the core values and emotions of consumers 
that encourage or discourage their choice decisions. 
Dr. Ki's research interests include, but are not limited to:


Circular fashion

  • How fashion industry can achieve sustainable development through a circular economy and stakeholder engagement: A systematic literature review

  • Towards a circular economy: Understanding consumers’ moral stance on corporations’ and individuals’ responsibilities in creating a circular fashion economy

AI & Digital technology

  • AI voice assistant service: "Can an intelligent personal assistant (IPA) be your friend? Para-friendship development mechanism between IPAs and their users"

  • Influencer marketing: "The mechanism by which social media influencers persuade consumers: The role of consumers' desire to mimic"


Luxury fashion

  • Sustainable versus conspicuous luxury fashion purchase: Applying self‐determination theory

  • Pleasure and guilt: How do they interplay in luxury consumption?

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