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Dr. Ki's Research Interests

As a committed researcher, my guiding principle is a deep curiosity that drives me to consistently explore new frontiers within my field. I am deeply committed to remaining at the forefront of understanding the complex dynamics of fashion consumer behavior, especially with respect to emerging trends, and integrating state-of-the-art methodologies into my research. My ultimate goal as a researcher is to contribute to the advancement and expansion of knowledge in the field of fashion retail and marketing, with a focus on my specialized expertise. My research primarily revolves around understanding the psychology and behavior of fashion consumers in diverse consumption settings. 

Some specific areas of interest include:


Luxury Fashion

  • The mechanism behind sustainable luxury consumption compared to conspicuous luxury consumption

  • The interplay between pleasure and guilt in luxury consumption

  • Wise consumer choices in online secondhand luxury shopping

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 Luxury Fashion 


Digital Technology Mediated Fashion Retail & Marketing

  • Social media influencer marketing: Leveraging taste and opinion leadership

  • How gamified VR fashion apps address user needs in gaming e-commerce

  • Livestream shopping: A comparison with TV home shopping

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 Digital Technology Mediated Fashion Retail and Marketing 

Digital Fashion.jpg

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-Computer Interaction

  • Consumers' mixed sentiments toward virtual human influencers

  • Can an AI voice assistant be your friend?

  • Metaverse marketing: Consumer perceptions in transitory metaverse platforms, digital personas, and digital fashion engagement

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 AI and human-computer interaction 

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