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GFM's Luxury Fashion Brand Mgt. (SFT513) class concluded with students integrating 'Generative AI and the metaverse' into their group projects—proud of their achievements!

6 December 2023

In the SFT513 Luxury Fashion Brand Management class, our students embarked on a comprehensive journey to develop a luxury fashion brand audit report for their final group project. This undertaking required a thorough analysis of the brand's strategic 'contexts' and 'capabilities,' leading to meticulously crafted strategic 'choices.' Despite the challenges associated with addressing three extensive aspects and preparing a 15-minute presentation, every student showcased exceptional skills and dedication, surpassing expectations. Notably, they seamlessly integrated Generative AI and the metaverse into their strategic choices and recommendations for their selected brands. Here's a glimpse of one student project that beautifully illustrates the successful integration of generative AI! 

(Metaverse and generative AI elements are visible from 14:05 onwards)

For more projects, check them out here:

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