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Enjoy reading "Is livestream shopping (LSS) conceptually new? A comparative literature review of LSS and TV home shopping research" published in JBR

8 January 2024

Dr. Ki and her esteemed RA Sman recently published their review work titled "Is Livestream Shopping Conceptually New? A Comparative Literature Review of Livestream Shopping and TV Home Shopping Research" in the esteemed journal  Journal of Business Research (JBR).

  • Livestream shopping (LSS) has garnered significant attention from both industry and academia, yet a clear conceptual understanding and differentiation from TV home shopping (TVHS) are lacking in academic literature. 

  • Through a systematic review of 71 journal articles spanning from 1990 to 2022, we provide an overview of current research knowledge and critical comparisons between LSS and TVHS in terms of theoretical frameworks and empirical variables. 

  • The findings distinguish LSS as a novel and conceptually unique phenomenon from TVHS, driven by social and relational processes, while TVHS is more influenced by channel-focused mechanisms. 

  • This comprehensive review identifies key gaps in the LSS literature and suggests thematic avenues for future research, offering valuable guidance for academic researchers seeking to advance high-quality studies in this emerging field.

Take pleasure in reading our research paper and delve deeper into the topic by accessing the provided DOI.

Ki, C., Chenn, A., Chong, S., & Cho, E. (2024). Is livestream shopping conceptually new? A comparative literature review of livestream shopping and TV home shopping research. Journal of Business Research, 174, 1-19, Article 114504.

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