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Expert sharing from a senior consultant at Google APAC about "Leveraging data to power your brands"

22 March 2021

On March 22nd, 2021, a senior consultant at Google APAC gave a virtual expert sharing about "Leveraging data to power your brands" to our ITC students at ITC4058R "Fashion Brand Management" class.

Some of the most inspiring points of the talk:

1. Google's secret to success may also bring you success

  • Focus on the users, not competition

  • Think 10x, not 10%

  • People come first

  • Use data, not opinions

2. Data savviness will make a difference;

  • In front of your employers, professors, and any relevant stakeholders, it's not just a skillset, but the mindset that you really need to bring

3. When it comes to career, think of a surfer

  • Skills: One of the many things that you really need to ride that big wave

  • Wave: It's the external environment; you need to catch the big and good wave, and you really need that support

  • Assess: Then the real skill is assessing whether this wave is really the wave that you want to ride and worth the effort that you want to put it

  • Timing: When you want to start paddling and getting up to ride that final wave

"Skill is something that you just build, but being able to see that wave and to assess it, that comes with data savviness. When you have seen enough waves in the past; when you have been able to actively assess those waves, and make that into a data that sticks into your brain, now that is when you have the ability to bring in that timing"

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