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Honored to assume the role as an editorial review board member for Marketing Intelligence & Planning (MIP; SSCI; IF=4.4). We warmly invite submissions to MIP!

11 January 2024

Dr. Ki is honored to assume the role of editorial board member for Marketing Intelligence & Planning (MIP; SSCI; IF=4.4). MIP acts as a crucial bridge between academic research and real-world application in strategic marketing, emphasizing impactful research while maintaining a strong focus on both rigor and relevance. We warmly invite submissions to MIP!

Aims and Scope:

  • MIP publishes concise, high-quality papers of up to 8000 words, exploring research on strategic market and marketing decisions within firms, covering aspects such as customers, competition, markets/submarkets, and the broader marketing landscape. 

  • Additionally, we emphasize the generation and dissemination of market and marketing intelligence, as well as the planning and execution of marketing strategies.

  • Our goal at MIP is to share impactful research that strikes a balance between scholarly rigor and practical relevance, paving the way for thought leadership in academia and marketing practice alike. 

  • Positioned as a premier destination for strategic marketing research, MIP is committed to advancing and enriching the field. 

  • We embrace a variety of philosophical and methodological perspectives, including conceptual, theoretical, and review articles, as well as empirical (quantitative/qualitative) research and analytical modeling approaches.

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