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Delighted to share the Fashion Metaverse (FaMe) Project showcase by our SFT students

1 September 2023

The ai-FaMe Lab recently showcased the latest fashion metaverse projects of SFT/PolyU students on their YouTube Channel.

The project aimed to prepare SFT students to compete in the emerging metaverse fashion era. In particular, ai-FaMe Lab helped students to develop essential knowledge and skills required for creating 3D digital fashion items and building virtual fashion spaces on the metaverse platform "Zepeto." Inspired by their selected luxury fashion brands, BA students from ITC3224E and ITC4058R designed creative luxury products and formulated business proposals to reimagine store experiences and engage with consumers in the metaverse.

Please click below to watch video and read full report:

ITC3224E: YouTube | Full report (1) | Full report (2)

ITC4058R: YouTube

About ai-FaMe Lab:

The ai-FaMe Lab (AI-integrated Fashion Metaverse Lab) is an innovative research and educational platform exploring the complex and multifaceted consumer behavior within the fashion metaverse ecosystem. The Lab is led by a team of esteemed Poly/SFT's scholars including Dr. Chloe Ki, Prof. Christina Wong, Dr. Amy Zhou, and Dr. Juyeun Jang.


YouTube Channel:

Opensea Store:

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