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A Hong Kong based luxury retailer, Della’s support for Dr. Ki's expertise in luxury fashion and innovative metaverse research

17 May 2023

Della, a Hong Kong-based luxury fashion retailer specializing in luxury bags, shoes, and accessories, has generously donated Dr. Chloe Ki and Dr Magnum Lam to embark on an exploration of consumer preferences and concerns within the realm of fashion metaverse retail strategies. This investigative endeavor will notably focus on the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for blockchain-based fashion items and the development of Web 3.0 retail experiences. 

The project will aid Della in developing tailored retail and sales strategies that align with the evolving demands of consumers in this space. Additionally, exploring the potential of NFTs and other digital fashion assets could open new revenue streams and broader audiences for Della through metaverse-based retail and distribution channels.

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