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Come and experience the immersive 360-degree rotatable view of our virtual 'ai-FaMe showroom,' crafted by the ai-FaMe research group!

20 February 2024

Exciting news! The  ai-FaMe Lab using ZEPETO Build it  created a captivating virtual ai-FaMe showroom. Explore our store and immerse yourself in captivating experiences, available through the ZEPETO app or via a mesmerizing 360° VR video!

To navigate and explore our ai-FaMe 360° rotatable virtual store via VR video, there are two simple ways:

  • If you're using a mobile device, watch the video on YouTube. you can physically move your device to change the camera's perspective. As you move your phone or tablet, the view in the virtual store will adjust accordingly, providing a dynamic and immersive experience.

  • If you're on a PC, you can click and drag with your mouse to move the camera around the virtual store. By clicking and holding the mouse button while dragging, you can explore different angles and viewpoints within the virtual environment.

Feel free to try out these interactive features and enjoy the seamless navigation within our ai-FaMe 360° rotatable virtual store. Happy exploring!


▲ To navigate our ai-FaMe 360 rotatable virtual store, physically move your mobile device or click and drag with your mouse on PC.

About ai-FaMe Lab
The ai-FaMe Lab is an innovative research laboratory that focuses on understanding the complex and multifaceted consumer behavior within the fashion metaverse ecosystem. The lab is led by a team of experienced interdisciplinary researchers who conduct cutting-edge research to investigate how artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies are transforming consumer behavior in the digital fashion retail and marketing space within the metaverse.

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