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Dr. Ki and her esteemed RA Szeman Chong's research has been recognized once again as one of the top cited articles in JRCS this year

1 June 2023

Dr. Ki's research entitled “Influencer marketing: Social media influencers as human brands attaching to followers and yielding positive marketing results by fulfilling needs” continues to be recognized as one of the Top Cited Articles on the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (JRCS; SSCI; Q1; IF = 10.4) website over the past three years, spanning from 2020.

In addition to its ongoing recognition, the research garnered significant recognition in 2022, being acknowledged as both the Most Cited and Most Downloaded articles within JRCS. This heightened recognition was further underscored by its featured mention in Forbes, solidifying its profound impact not only within the academic realm but also within the broader industry and scholarly communities.

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